Fences By Pat Mora

The poem “Fence” by Pat Mora is a poem about choices and the consequences that come with them. The speaker in the poem is talking to someone who has made a choice that has led to them being “fenced in” and unable to move forward in their life. The speaker asks the person if they … Read more

Love Song With Two Goldfish Analysis

In (love song, with two goldfish), Chua conveys the development and deterioration of the relationship between to goldfish. By consistently comparing and contrasting their actions to those of humans, she able to reflect upon the latter’s imperfections through an extended metaphor. In other words, by personifying these creatures, we are allowed a glimpse into human behavior … Read more

Being An Outsider Essay

Being an outsider can be tough because we all have a natural desire to feel like we belong somewhere. Belonging means feeling understood by both the individual and the group you’re trying to be a part of. If that back-and-forth fails, then exclusion happens, which isn’t great for anyone involved. An individual can feel alienated … Read more

Sugar Cane By Grace Nichols Theme

Sugar Cane is a poem by Grace Nichols. The poem is about the Sugar Cane industry and how it affects the people who work in it. The Sugar Cane industry is ruthless and dangerous, and many people have died because of it. The poem tells the story of one man who worked in the Sugar … Read more

Hitler’s First Photograph

Wislawa Szymborska was a Polish poet, essayist, and translator. She was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1996. “Dramatic Irony in Hitler’s First Photograph” is a poem about the famous photograph of Adolf Hitler taken in 1913. The poem uses dramatic irony to explore the idea that we can never truly know someone, even … Read more

Flag Poem

A Poem Flag by John Agard is a beautiful poem that celebrates flags and their symbolism. The poem is written in the form of a flag, with each line representing a different element of the flag. Agard’s use of language is beautiful and evocative, and his Flag is a perfect example of how a simple … Read more