A Sense Of Shelter

There are several symbols used in “A Sense of Shelter” by John Updike. The most important symbol is the house itself. The house represents the protagonist’s sense of safety and security. It is a place where he can be alone and think about his life. The house is also a symbol of the past, as … Read more

Being An Outsider Essay

Being an outsider can be tough because we all have a natural desire to feel like we belong somewhere. Belonging means feeling understood by both the individual and the group you’re trying to be a part of. If that back-and-forth fails, then exclusion happens, which isn’t great for anyone involved. An individual can feel alienated … Read more

Little Women Symbols

Louisa May Alcott’s novel Little Women is full of symbolism. The most obvious symbols are the four main characters, who represent different aspects of human nature. Jo, the protagonist, represents independence and creativity; Beth represents kindness and innocence; Meg represents domesticity and conventionalism; and Amy represents vanity and self-indulgence. Other symbols in the novel include … Read more