Advocacy Paper

Advocacy campaigns are a powerful way to raise awareness and spur action on important issues. Health advocates can use these campaigns to promote better health outcomes for their communities. An advocacy campaign can take many different forms, from organizing a protest to writing letters to elected officials. No matter what form it takes, an effective … Read more

Kaiser Risk Management

Kaiser Permanente is committed to providing high-quality, affordable health care services and improving the health of our members and the communities we serve. We recognize that one of the best ways to achieve these goals is to prevent and manage risk. Our Risk Management Department works with all areas of the organization to identify, evaluate … Read more

Ethical Issues In Healthcare Essay

Health care and medicine pose a number of ethical issues. These include, but are not limited to, end-of-life decisions, reproductive rights and abortion, resource allocation, and research ethics. End-of-life decisions involve complex ethical considerations. Patients may be unable to make decisions for themselves due to their condition, and families may disagree about what is in … Read more