Martin Luther King Segregation Essay

Martin Luther King was a strong advocate for segregation in the United States. He believed that it was a necessary evil in order to protect the rights of minorities. Christianity also played a role in his thinking, as he felt that it was important to maintain racial purity. However, he eventually came to see the evils of segregation and worked tirelessly to end it. Thanks to his efforts, segregation is now illegal in the United States.

King’s letter to the eight white clergymen who attacked his activities in Birmingham, Alabama, was addressed to them. He notes that he seldom answers criticism because he believes that the people are of good will, with real issues; thus, he is willing to respond to their statement in “patient and reasonable terms.” King begins his message by thanking his critics for their kind words. This establishes a tone of friendliness and reasoned debate between the two sides.

By taking the high road in his response, King hopes to undercut this effort and appeal to the shared values of Christianity that he believes both groups hold.

King goes on to say that while he agrees with the clergymen’s call for an end to ‘demonstrations and protests,’ he cannot agree with their view that such actions are ‘unwise and untimely.’ He argues that there is never a time when such actions are inappropriate, as ‘injustice is injustice’ regardless of whether it is convenient or expedient to address it. This point is key to understanding King’s philosophy of nonviolent protest. For him, the only question is whether the goals of the protesters are just. If they are, then the means used to achieve those goals are also just.

King goes on to say that the clergymen’s call for ‘law and order’ is a ‘moral question’ that must be answered in light of the ‘whole structure of law and order.’ He argues that if the laws and institutions of a society are unjust, then it is not only morally permissible to disobey them, but it is actually a moral duty to do so. This is because obeying unjust laws contributes to the perpetuation of injustice, while disobeying them can help lead to change.

King concludes by appealing to the shared values of Christianity and calling for an end to segregation. He argues that segregation is not only unjust, but it is also ‘un Christian.’ He calls on his critics to join him in the fight for justice, and he concludes with the hope that ‘together we can transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood.’

Martin Luther King’s letter from a Birmingham jail is one of the most important documents of the Civil Rights movement. In it, King responded to eight white clergymen who had denounced his campaign of nonviolent resistance to segregation in Birmingham as ‘unwise and untimely.’

In doing so, King laid out his philosophy of nonviolent protest and argued that segregation was both unjust and un-Christian. The letter was a powerful call for unity in the fight for justice, and it helped to rally support for the Civil Rights movement. Martin Luther King’s views on segregation were shaped by his Christian faith and his commitment to nonviolent resistance. He believed that segregation was unjust and that it violated the shared values of Christianity.

He also believed that protests against segregation were always appropriate, as injustice is never convenient or expedient to address. King’s letter from Birmingham jail was a powerful call for unity in the fight for justice, and it helped to rally support for the Civil Rights movement. Martin Luther King’s views on segregation helped to shape the course of the Civil Rights movement and continue to inspire people today.


In the early 1900s, America was torn apart in a struggle known as segregation. The African American people were unjustly treated and had to endure a difficult trek. They were shoved into different compartments and separated from the white Americans. There were separate railway cars, schools, and even tiny things like separate water fountains for them.

As a result, protests and riots became common during this time. In the mist of all this Martin Luther King Jr. emerged as one of the most influential people in the world. He was a man of God who believed that everyone should be treated equally. While he may have faced opposition from some people, his views on segregation were clear.

He thought that it was unjust and that it needed to come to an end. Martin Luther King’s views on segregation helped pave the way for the Civil Rights Movement which eventually led to the end of segregation in America. Thank you for reading. Martin Luther King’s views on segregation were an important part of American history.

By teaching white children that African Americans were dirty and deserved to be kept separate, Caucasian American created a prejudice that would take years to overcome. They were wrong in their thinking and never considered how this made African Americans feel. The latter group was struggling just to get by during this time period where they were treated unfairly as outsiders instead of part of the nation.

Martin Luther King, a man who changed the way America is today, had a different view on segregation.

While Martin Luther King was a Christian minister, he also fought for the rights of African Americans. He believed that all people were equal and should be treated as such, no matter their skin color. He led many protests and speeches against segregation and racism, in an effort to try and change the minds of those who thought differently than him.

Unfortunately, not everyone agreed with his views and he faced a lot of opposition. In the end, Martin Luther King’s efforts paid off and segregation was eventually abolished in America. Thanks to him, African Americans now have the same rights as every other American citizen.

There were Caucasians who thought segregation was a positive thing and supported it strongly. They didn’t believe there was anything wrong with having separate facilities, nor did they care how African Americans were impacted by this injustice. Because they were regarded as “different,” African Americans’ rights have been gradually taken away over time.

Martin Luther was one of the people who thought this way about segregation. Martin Luther was a very religious man and he used his religion to back up his beliefs in segregation. He would say things like, “God created races and placed them on different continents” and “The races were created to be different, like different kinds of animals and plants.”

Martin Luther believed that God put white people on Earth to rule over all the other races. He also thought that African Americans were subhuman and that they were not equal to Caucasian people. Martin Luther King was a huge opponent of Martin Luther’s views. Martin Luther King was a Christian as well and he used his religion to try and prove that what Martin Luther was saying was wrong. Martin Luther King would say things like, “We must discover the power of love, the redemptive power of love.

And when we discover that, we will be able to make of this old world a new world” and “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Martin Luther King believed that all people are equal no matter what race they are and he fought hard for African American’s rights.

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