Christmas Break Essay

Christmas Eve is always a special night. This year, my family and I went to my grandparents’ house for dinner. We had a delicious meal and then spent some time chatting and catching up. It was lovely to see them and catch up on what’s been going on in their lives.

Christmas morning is always exciting, waking up early and rushing to see what Santa has brought. This year was extra special because my little sister got a puppy for Christmas! She was so excited and we all spent the morning playing with her and getting to know her.

Christmas afternoon is usually spent relaxing at home, enjoying each other’s company and eating Christmas cookies. This year, we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood to enjoy the Christmas lights. It was a lovely way to spend some time together and get some fresh air.

New Year’s Eve is always a fun night. We usually spend it with friends, playing games and staying up late. This year, we decided to stay home and have a quiet night. We made a delicious dinner and then watched some of our favorite movies. It was a perfect way to end the year and spend some quality time together.

The day before Christmas is here! I’m full of Christmas Spirit this morning. My family and I congregate around the fire to decorate our home with a Christmas wreath, mistletoe, Christmas stockings, and, of course, the Christmas tree, which is once again adorned with lovely ornaments, lights, and a star on top. We spent the day at home until nightfall because it took us quite some time to finish decorating the entire house.

Christmas eve is the time for family reunion, so all of my relatives came to our house and we had Christmas dinner together. After the dinner, we opened presents! I got a lot of nice presents, but the best one was a pink bike from Santa. I was so happy and I immediately went outside to ride it with my cousins. We rode around the neighborhood and wished everyone a Merry Christmas!

Christmas day is finally here! I woke up early in the morning and ran downstairs to see if Santa came. And he did! There were presents under the Christmas tree with my name on it. I opened them all and they were exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t believe it! After breakfast, me and my cousins went outside to play in the snow. We made snow angels, had snowball fights and built a snowman. It was so much fun! In the afternoon, we went to my grandparents’ house and celebrated Christmas with them.

We went to the Church for Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve to celebrate the birth of Jesus. At the church, we prayed and praised Him by singing Christmas Carols. I was excited for tomorrow because it was going to be Christmas! So when we got back home, I slept early so that I could have enough energy tomorrow.

Christmas is the time of giving and receiving gifts. It is also the time when families and friends get together to celebrate. Christmas is a very special day for Christians because it is the day that Jesus Christ was born.

Christmas Day usually starts with a special church service. After the service, people usually visit their relatives and friends. In the evening, many people go to Christmas parties.

One of the most popular traditions on Christmas Eve is decorating a Christmas tree. People often put up their Christmas trees a few days before Christmas. The Christmas tree is traditionally decorated with lights, tinsel and baubles. Some people also hang Christmas stockings from their fireplace on Christmas Eve in anticipation of Santa Claus filling them with presents during the night.

I recently had a bizarre dream involving Santa Claus. For those who don’t know, Santa is the large man with a long beard often seen depicted as traveling on a sleigh pulled by magical reindeers while delivering presents to children. I used to believe that this figure was real, but of course now I realize that our parents are the ones responsible for putting gifts under the Christmas tree.

So I don’t believe in Santa Claus anymore. But it was a really nice dream. I dreamed that it was Christmas Eve and I was waiting for Santa Claus to come. I was so excited! I had left him some cookies and milk by the Christmas tree. And sure enough, after a while, I heard the sound of sleigh bells outside! I ran to the window and saw Santa Claus coming down the chimney! He was carrying a big sack of presents. He came into the room and put the presents under the tree. Then he ate the cookies and drank the milk and said, “Merry Christmas!” before he went back up the chimney again.

It was such a wonderful dream. Even though I don’t believe in Santa Claus anymore, it was nice to dream about him. Christmas is a time for family, friends, and happiness. And that’s what I’m going to focus on this Christmas.

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